White Porcelain Bowls                         ~                          Barbara A. Morton.



A limited screen-print edition of twenty-four pieces of poetic text ~ case-bound Japanese style.

Edition limit ~ twenty-four.



Twenty-four. Quadrilaterals. Sit exactly upon the page. Twenty-four individual chapters connect

and interweave. Curiously. Each fascinating monochrome is emphasised by white, and white, in

turn, in this book becomes interesting. Then, an accurate measure from each monochrome is added

to white ~ an ink is created ~ the text is written, being born of, being part of, the image upon

  which it is now printed. Fixed. The White Porcelain Bowls are filled with symphonies of yellow.

Look closely. Look again. Look again. Look for longer…


White Porcelain Bowls is currently on exhibition at McNaughtan’s Antiquarian Bookshop and Gallery, 3a Haddington Place, EDINBURGH, EH7 4AE


For details, please see: - http://mcnaughtans.co.uk/barbara-a-morton/




    Barbara A. Morton’s writing is published widely in journals and anthologies including The SHOp, The Stinging Fly, Burning Bush II, Abridged, The Yellow Nib, and the American Academic Journal of Literature Culture and the Arts ~ An Sionnach. Her poetry is included in the Anthology of Northern Irish Poets, A Trail of Silver Papers, and haiku are published frequently by both The British Haiku Society and The Irish Haiku Society.  She is recipient of a Tyrone Guthrie Writers’ Bursary, and in 2011, under the adjudication of poet, Alan Jude Moore, was selected for the Poetry Ireland Introductions Series. In 2013 her poetry was highly commended by Imtiaz Dharker for the Poetry on the Lake festival. At the 2013 Redline Book Festival, Dublin County Libraries awarded Leave second prize and in 2014 Moonrise achieved 1st place. The Word itself is a Musical Sound was long-listed in the Myslexia Poetry Award, 2015. Her writing is also published on the Government Art Collection website and was recently included in the poetic response to the work of Christopher Orr: The Beguiled Eye at The Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh. In 2015, White Porcelain Bowls was exhibited at the Royal Scottish Academy Open Exhibition, The National Gallery, Edinburgh.


      Other titles by Barbara A. Morton ~


      Origami ~ A collection of four volumes of haiku, hand printed on shoji paper and case-bound Japanese style. Edition limit ~ twelve.


      Contain Symphonies of Yellow ~ A companion to White Porcelain Bowls, two volumes, hand-printed and case-bound Japanese style. Edition limit ~ twenty-four.




      A monograph, on the relationship between the inspired writings of C. G. Jung and the use of automatic writing in the poetry of W B Yeats, will be available from Entropie Books, Autumn 2016.




Further divers pieces may be read at www.userdesigned.co.uk ~ a collaborative project of generative art and text.  e-books are available from  www.entropiebooks.com